Thursday, May 15, 2014

Orioles - Game #6

If you are an Orioles groupie, then you are probably wondering where game #5 is? Haha.  It rained the entire time, so I was NOT about to take out Mr. Cannon and get his lens all frizzy!  LOL! I highly doubt there are any Oriole groupies though... this season we are not that great!  Remember, we are an expansion team. MOST of the players are 8 years old and the other teams have 5th graders playing for them.  It's terribly difficult coming off of an undefeated football season and being in a 2-6 baseball season.  Win or lose, it really doesn't matter.  Darren tells his players, "I just want you all to play hard and have fun!" Winning is nice, but life can't always be about winning!

Below are my favorite photos of game #6.  If you prefer to view all of the photos I took, feel free to click on the photo album below!

Our next game is Saturday, May 17th, if you would like to come cheer the Orioles on, we'd love your support!
Gabe pitches.
Ty had to play against one of his best friends, Josh, during this game.  That's not always fun!
Gabe hits the ball hard and Ty runs from 1st all the way home!
That hit was actually a home run!
Landen runs home!
It's not always easy having your dad as your coach.
Landen pitching.
Despite another loss, God's light is STILL shining!  This is an incredible shot!
And this is what the younger siblings do while their older siblings play baseball.  Appears as if everyone is listening to Lilah. She's such a leader, haha, but not always a good one!
"Bubblegum, bubblegum, in a dish! How many pieces do you wish?" Brings back childhood memories. Since when do they use their feet instead of their fists to count? Ewe!