Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rainbow Pencil Artwork

On St. Patrick's Day, it snowed, so the kids were out of school... A-G-A-I-N. I did my best to fill the kids' day with some green fun and some colorful artwork.  I snagged this rainbow pencil eraser artwork idea from my favorite blogger The kids had a lot of fun being creative.  Lilah was so into watching me and thought mine looked so pretty, that she kept starting over and over and over until she said, "Mine isn't nice like yours.  Can I just watch you and keep yours when you're done?" Poor thing is starting to become a perfectionist like her mommy.
Supplies needed: 
Basically, all you do is dip the eraser into the color paint you want to use, and start marking your paper.
 We had 7 different pencils, one for each color.
 Ty's artwork (above) 
 My artwork (above)
Jax's artwork (above)