Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Fun!

Today the kids "lucked" out.  It's snowing AGAIN!  Yes, in March.  So, there is NO SCHOOL!  I had no plans, other than the below cereal, for St. Patrick's Day, but as I began packing their lunches I was really getting into being creative (yes, I am the mom who still got up at 4:50 am because school wasn't cancelled until 6:00 am).  
My inspiration started with this box of cereal.  I actually bought it a few weeks back, when I spotted it on accident.  It pays to be proactive, even if it is accidental, because I was fully prepared to celebrate a day of green.  I need to read up on what St. Patrick's Day is.  I have no clue other than a dumb excuse for grown men and women to drink green beer and act like a leprechauns.
After I poured their cereal, I took it steps further, LOL!
The lucky charms cereal contained ALL green marshmallows. I accompanied the cereal with the following:
1. Leprechaun Hair aka Shredded Cheddar Cheese (dairy)
2. Leprechaun Hair aka Sliced Peaches (fruit)
3. Bacon (protein). I suspect you could make this the strap/buckle on a leprechaun's hat.
4. Green Milk Rimmed With Green Sugar Sprinkles.
At the very last moment, I felt like the breakfast needed a personal touch, so I ran down to my computer and did a quick, quick search for some adorable printable.  I assumed all I would find was stuff on luck or "Kiss Me I'm Irish!".  We don't believe in luck, we believe in God's sovereignty, and we aren't irish, so I was THRILLED when I happened upon this printable.  I've actually been following her blog for years, but I didn't see this when she posted it.  Thanks google search box. I quickly printed three, found three photos of the kids, traced a shamrock, and cut their cute little faces out.  
This is what I had packed in their lunch boxes, but now they don't have school.  OH well, at least I am ahead of the game and I don't have to make lunches today!

What's inside?

1. Deer Park Water Dyed Green
2. GoGo Applesauce
3. Green Skittles (Candy is NEVER put in their lunch boxes. #specialoccassion)
4. Honey BBQ Curly Fritos #leprechaunhair
5. Shamrock Cheese
6. "Your My Lucky Charm" printable
7. A Shamrock Napkin
8. Peanut Butter and Fluff Sandwich (I drew a shamrock on the bread with a green, edible marker). Don't judge my shamrock. I am anything BUT an artist.
I am always looking for an excuse to make these kids smile! My guess is that Lilah will be the most excited about all of it. Jax possibly too.  Tyson is NOT easily impressed because I have been doing things for him, this way, since the day he was conceived.  LOL! He thinks this is just what moms do or that all mom's do these things for their kids.
He was my first leprechaun up this a.m.!  

I'm hoping to do a fun rainbow craft with them today, but I may have to run out, in this cold, cold weather, to get the paint I need.  That's a huge deterrent.