Monday, February 17, 2014

Tis The Season To Be Freezin!

Last Wednesday, the snow began to fall and fall and fall and fall.  We received over 23 inches of snow and the kids wound up having a lovely "snow-cation" until today, and even still they were delayed 2 hours.  Here are some photos of our snow fun!
Most people order a HOT coffee when it's snowing out.  Haha.  Not me.  Always trying to be different.  Hehe.  NO really, I wasn't playing in the snow.  I was being a chef and a baker, so I didn't mind sipping on something cold.
The beginning stages of our upside down snow man!
The kids were having a hard time figuring this out.  Jax kept trying to put "frosty's" hat on.  LOL!  But I told him his head was on the ground.
We used broom sticks for the legs and arms.  
And snow boots for the "feet".
There's SNOW-man like you!
He hung upside down for about 45 minutes and then the weather started to warm up, and we watched him topple over.
Look, he even had a carrot nose.
Blowing up our new snow tube.  
Anxious and waiting to use it.
My winter crew all bundled up and prepared to go outside.
Up to SNOW good!
Just "chillin" having a little snack.
After the kids came inside, I took a few shots of their rosy red cheeks.
He's so handsome, I can't take it.
She's looking mighty Tom boyish here.
Cold Hands, Warm Hearts!
No rosy cheeks here, just crossed eyes.  Weirdo!  Always keeps me laughing.
Just a short few clips of our snow tubing.  I waited days to join in on the fun.  I don't prefer anything WET or COLD, unless it's ice coffee or diet coke.  Jody said she has re-watched this video 15 times, just laughing away at me.  Some friend.  My idea of thrills, doesn't come in the form of a ride.