Saturday, February 22, 2014

Remnants of Valentine's Day 2014

We spread so much love on Valentine's Day, in our home, some were with material gifts, other ways were by use of food, sweet notes/cards, and decor/ambience.  So many people make an effort to express their negative thoughts behind the "one day a year set aside to show your wife/husband/family love" and think that Valentine's Day is dumb, but in our home, WE LOVE IT!!! It's not ONE day set aside to show our loved ones LOVE (we love our family members daily), it's a special day set aside to do something a little extra for the ones you love.  I think that mentality is one of a "slacker", looking for an excuse, to NOT have to be creative or spread some extra love.  

Jax's gifts from mommy and daddy.
I bought Jax a shirt that has Lilah's name on it.
Tyson's gifts from mommy and daddy!
Lilah's gifts from mommy and daddy.
Lilah received a shirt that had Jax's name on it.
Darren bought me beautiful roses, chocolate, a sweet card, and CASH!
Valentine's Day Morning Menu:
Heart-shaped bacon
Sunny side up egg in a heart cut out bread
Heart-shaped pancakes
Heart-shaped strawberries
The bacon grease remnants even were heart-shaped.
Heart-shaped ravioli!
I served these the night before.
Daddy always gets his little girl a special Valentine gift.
She was all smiles!
I bought this sweet t-shirt. I wear it proudly because I truly believe I have the BEST hubby ever.
RED HOT lipstick
Hubby and Wifey (what we call each other) pillowcases.
Candle lite bedroom!
Gifts for Big D!
French Press
Lap Desk
Fit Bit Clip
"I love you BEERY Much"
It was a LOVELY day, filled with LOVELY, sweet sentiments for one another.