Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa Claus Came To Town!

He comes to our town every year!  We receive a notice, via email, about the specific day he will be arriving in our neighborhood.  He doesn't bring his reindeer.  Instead, he arrives on a gigantic fire truck.  

Here, the kids are waiting on his arrival.  One still in pjs, one in a tinker bell costume, and one dressed. 
 Crazy kids!
 I know the kids look forward to this for 3 reasons….

1. It's Santa. Who doesn't love Santa?

2. He arrives on a firetruck.  Who doesn't like firetrucks?

3. As promised, he comes bearing gifts.  Who doesn't like gifts aka candy canes?
 This man was delivering dog treats and candy canes.  LOL!
 This lady was also passing out candy canes.
 Watching Santa as he drives away!

If you are second guessing whether or NOT my children enjoy this, I don't blame you.  It was sleeting that day and the sleet was landing INSIDE Lilah's slipper.  She couldn't enjoy Santa because her feet were being frozen to death.