Sunday, December 22, 2013

Secret Santa (2013)

Every year, for the past 3-4 years now, our small group girls partake in the "Secret Santa" fun.  We go to dinner, draw names, and keep things VERY hush, hush for the next four weeks.  Here's the breakdown for our exchanging...

Week 1 - Spend $5-$10, deliver it quietly.
Week 2 - Spend $5-$10, deliver it quietly
Week 3 - Spend $20-$30, reveal who you are at a GIRLS NIGHT OUT, DINNER

This year, I picked my friend Lisa out of the "bucket".  Here's what I did for her…

Week 1 - The theme was titled, "1 for the money, 2 for the show, 3 to get ready!"
1 for the Money
The first popcorn box contains $1.52 for a red box movie and a scratch off lottery ticket! Which by the way, she did win $2.00.  I couldn't buy a red box gift card because the minimum gift card amount is $25.
 2 for the Show 
This large popcorn container had the following…
Real Movie Theatre Popcorn.
(2) Glass Cocoa Colas
Christmas Candy
Comfy, Festive Christmas, Slipper Socks
I found letter gummies and I spelled her name with them in Christmas colors.
3 to get Ready
This container had lotion, lipgloss, and a candle from bath and body.
A pair of Christmas panties from Victoria Secret.
Christmas Tic Tacs.
Here was the actual note, explaining why the numbers existed on the popcorn containers.
 Week 2:
"Potty Talk" 
Believe it or not, the entire gift this week, was centered around this "Put Me Down" sticker I bought off of Etsy.  It goes on the inside of the toilet seat.  I thought it would be perfect for Hank and Aaron, but also helpful for Lisa.  She won't have to nag them or remind them.  The toilet seat will do it for them :)
I left a note that read,
"A tisket, a tasket.
A few things in a basket!
ONE for Pee
One for Poo
A Little Something
Special For YOU!
Here's what was inside the "basket".
 Trick toilet paper and doggy poo! Once I have a theme, I can't stop.
 Random "Reindeer Noses" aka Red Hots!
 Christmas air freshener for the bathroom, for when someone does real poo!
This pin cracked me UP! I was laughing in the store when I spotted it.  "Who's your Santa?"
 The "basket" - "O' Holy Night, the Stars are brightly shining!" Art
To enhance the gift a little more, I made a Christmas tree out of toilet paper!  I bought battery operated lights and just went to down decorating it.  
Week 1, I had Trevor, a friend at church, relay a message to her, that her secret Santa dropped off her gifts in the kitchen.  Week 2, I took her gifts to her home.  That was so nerve wracking, even though, we all exchanged our daily schedules.  She lives on a one lane road.  I thought for sure her schedule would change and I would drive right past her.  My heart was pounding the entire time.  LOL!

I wish I had taken pictures of Lisa's final gift.  Can you recall this coupon book I have? Well, long ago, Lisa mentioned how much she'd love to have one and being I was stumped on a final gift for her, I went ahead and made her a similar coupon book, only hers is red. Inside the book, there's a divider labeled "gift cards". I put 4 gift cards in the coupon book... to chipolte, barnes and noble, starbucks, and maggie moo's ice cream parlor.  I think she liked it.  I hope she uses it! :)