Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fang-tastic Gifts for Spook-tacular Mentors

I firmly believe in taking care of those who take care of you! 
So, I created some special treats for those loving mentors, in my children's lives. 
Above, "Mr. Jerry" (Lilah and Jaxon's school janitor) and "Ms. Robin" (Ty's bus driver), will receive a mason jar filled with a delicious sweet&salty combo of peanuts and candy corns, in a decorative box.
Lilah & Jaxon's "Fun Frog" teachers, Ms. Donna and Ms. Cheryl will receive these adorable, spider gift baskets.  What's inside? A glittered pumpkin, a chocolate covered pretzel stick from Fresh Market (yum), a decorative Halloween towel, and a Frog ornament. Along with a gift card to "Sweet Frogs". 
The photo below shows Tyson's 3rd grade teacher's, Ms. Zimmerman, gift.  She isn't a fan of sweets, but loves coffee, so I purchased a Starbucks gift card instead of the sweet frog gift card.
She also mentioned how much she loves beach items, so I purchased this adorable, beach keychain for her.
These last two photos are pictures of Ms. Kelley's, Bethel Baptist Preschool Director, gifts. It includes: a Halloween recipe book, warm vanilla lotion, a fresh peach, a decorative Halloween towel.  What are her gifts sitting in?  A wooden, Halloween, "subway" art.
I loved this subway art, so much, I bought one for myself too!

We are thankful for all of those mentors in our children's lives.
Being a teacher/mentor is a true gift, which takes loads of patience.