Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The Highlanders did it!!!!  They went the entire season without a loss as well as winning every "play off" game! AND NOW, they are officially playing in the Super Bowl!!!!  This game was beyond stressful and very intense.  We played the "Bulldogs".  The last two times we played them, we slaughtered them by at least 24 points, each game, but this go round, the score was 6 to 6 up until the 4th quarter. You talk about panic!!!  Both teams played an incredible game.  Our boys needed this eye opener so that they don't go into the Super Bowl thinking "We've got this!" 
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come out and support our boys, 

What: Super Bowl 
When: Saturday, November 2nd
Time:  4:00 pm
Where: Salem Stadium

It's FREE!!!!!  It's FUN! And we BOTH NEED & WANT your support.  

Below are the only pictures I was able to capture from the final playoff game.  It was so nerve racking and my hands were shaking so bad.  I gave up on trying and said, "I'm watching this game!"  You may be thinking, "If I've seen one football picture, I've seen them all.", but when it's your own child or someone near and dear to you, it never gets old!

FINAL SCORE 20-6. Way to go Highlanders!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Watch this... Tyson throws the ball....
 BOOOOM!  Check out the opposing coach's face!  
See the ball in the air?
 I love this tackle by Ty!
Holding back the excitement of a victorious win!  
 After game fun (Jax and John-John).