Thursday, June 6, 2013

CHRIST in MY Chaos!

I have finally finished reading "Desperate", by Sarah Mae & Sally Clarkson.  I, first, thought that no book could top the short chapters, comedy, and realness (not to mention gospel centered) that "Loving The Little Years: Motherhood In The Trenches" provided me with, but then, I read "Desperate" and chapter after chapter I was left sitting there saying "WOW!". When I read each chapter, I truly felt like I wrote the book myself or like the authors had insight into my daily struggles as a momma.  AND THEN... as if those two books weren't amazing enough, I came across a book titled, "Christ in the Chaos" on Tim Challies' Blog.  I shared the book interest with Darren and within 3 days, the book arrived in my hands (+) the accompaniment of a kiss and an "I love you!"  I truly was BLOWN away at the FORWARD and INTRODUCTION alone.  This book will far surpass the first two books mentioned (but please do still read them).  

I beg you to read these excerpts that I highlighted and urge you to buy this book immediately.  It comes at an especially good time for me... SUMMER. Where children's lives get simpler and mothers' lives get busier.  

The Back:  First, check out a small excerpt from the back of the book

"Moms: Stop comparing yourself to others.  Stop striving to meet false expectations.  Stop thinking your performance dictates your worth.  LOOK TO THE GOSPEL.  Find rest, joy, sufficiency, identity & motivation."

AND one "review" from the back...

"Kimm gives us the truth of free grace that unshackles us from trying to be Mom of the Year, and shows us how the gospel changes motherhood from drudgery to joy. I pray each mom who finds this book becomes more aware of how Christ's love for her changes everything about her."

The Introduction:  The forward comes FIRST, in the book, but the intro gives you a small description of what this book is about.  So, I will share the intro's "notes" that I took before the forward's notes.

"This book is for moms who need to hear how the gospel changes motherhood."  

"This book is about what grace looks like for moms specifically.  It's about how Christ gives peace to women laboring under the burden of all those unwritten mom rules.  It's about how Christ sets mothers free to love him.  You will find the chapters of this book are sound, but short.  To the point, but not heavy - just right for the mom who has been up all night with the baby, the mom who only has a few minutes waiting for the school bus, and for the mom who relishes her own bathroom breaks as an opportunity to read a couple of pages even if her toddler spends the whole time pounding on the door.  This book will not weigh you down with another list of things to do, but aims to free you by reminding you of what's already been done for you."

"I need to hear the good news that he lived a perfect sinless life on my behalf because he knew just how much I would make a mess of things.(Which I do on a regular basis.)"

"He knew I could never life a life acceptable to his perfect standard.  So he lived... for me."

"The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only thing you need now in the thick of mothering.  In fact, it's the only thing you ever need.  The gospel will get you through those long nights of newborns crying and those long days of caring for clingy, feverish toddlers. Take the gospel with you on those car trips back and forth from soccer to piano. Let the gospel guide you when you drop your " baby" off at college and he steps forward into your adulthood.  Bask in Christ's love for you and bathe in the outrageous grace you receive day-in and day-out no matter how many times you fail: the gospel will help you find Christ in all that goes on within and around you."

The Forward: The forward was written by a grandmother.  This was perfectly designed because she presses the message home that even though she isn't a mother to young children anymore, she still has her own chaotic heart.  She goes on to explain...

"Heart chaos is the result of a worship disorder, not circumstances."

"Chaos is a worship disorder: it results from worship of myself, my abilities, my plans, me."

"Chaos turns into peace when the PRINCE OF PEACE speaks deeply into your heart and tells you , "Be still.  I am God.  I've got this."

"What you need for your chaotic heart is to remember the gospel."

HOW perfect does this book sound?  I am anxious to begin reading the first chapter now. Aren't you? Come on, stop pretending I'm the only one who perceives their lives as chaotic.  Or even better, stop allow me to think I am the only one with a chaotic heart.  LOL!  Read THIS book.