Thursday, June 6, 2013

Awards Ceremony At Fort Lewis Elementary!

On Tuesday, Fort Lewis held an awards ceremony for grades K-5.  I have yet to go to these ceremonies, in the past, but this year something told me to inquire about whether or not I should attend.  Tyson's teacher informed me that he was actually lined up to receive an award, but to please not mention it to him.  I never asked what the award was because I love surprises myself, but I did make sure I wasn't just arriving for an "Attendance Award".  LOL!  I wasn't...
 Tyson's principal, Ms. Klimatis, opened the awards ceremony.
The first award Tyson received was in Physical Education aka P.E.  Ms. Deeds, the P.E. teacher, was asked to nominate ONE boy and ONE girl from EVERY grade level for this award.  Tyson was awarded the "Physical Sportsmanship" Award.  He was the only boy in 2nd grade to receive this.  This award is for the best team player with the most sportsmanship - win or loose!
He's like me.  He does NOT like to be on stage.  
You can tell from his facial expressions.
The next award that Tyson received was also only given out to ONE boy and ONE girl per grade level.  Tyson's teacher, Ms. Thomsen, was responsible for nominating two students from her classroom to receive the "Outstanding Character" award. The description of this award was as follows:

"This citizenship award is truly for good character and the 6 pillars of character traits.  They are responsibility, trustworthiness, respect, fairness, caring, and citizenship."  This award meant the WORLD to Darren and I.  We felt it was God's way of saying, "Your hard work is bearing fruit... I promise!"  
Tyson also received an attendance award, but at least half of his classmates did also.  Still quite an accomplishment being illness, travel plans, and tardiness can get in the way.
Tyson also got STRAIGHT A's on his report card.
 And a very heart felt and exciting comment on his report card from his teacher.
Daddy, Mommy, and his biggest fans, Lilah & Jax were there to cheer him on.

Tyson we are so very proud of you!  We are thankful that you are making a mark at Ft. Lewis and striving to be above average.  Your respect, fairness, trustworthiness, responsibilities, and caring ways are a great beginning to being a light in this dark world to classmates and teachers who don't know the light of Jesus Christ. Way to GO!