Thursday, July 28, 2016

Rise & Shine!

Last Summer, I felt I needed to start instilling some Summertime routines and expectations. The Summers before were filled with all day pajama days (or at least it felt that way if we were in our pjs until 10 a.m.).  Those types of days are okay ONCE.IN.A.WHILE, but for me and my personality, they need to be SPECIAL OCCASIONS.  I don't want to produce children that don't see the need to serve their home or be productive.  I want to raise children who will be an asset to our society. I want to raise a daughter who knows how to run a household and sons who can take care of themselves before marriage and who are not ashamed to help their wives, from time to time, (when they are not at work).  
So... I came up with a slogan, "Check your floors, drawers, doors, and lights!"  Basically, before my children were allowed to leave their rooms, in the morning, it must be 7:30 a.m. or later and they must make sure that their floors are clear and their drawers, doors, and lights are shut. They also were responsible for making their beds.  It was a good stepping stone!!! This Summer, additions have been made.  I do want to get it laminated, so that they can use a dry erase marker to "check off" what they have done otherwise I have to print this daily.  That's a lot of wasted ink and paper. 

My best friend, Ashely, asked me to share my children's chore lists, but I chose to share their morning "to do" lists FIRST! Stay tuned... hopefully tomorrow night, I will be ready to share the list of chores that my children have been assigned/responsible for throughout this Summer.

Call this rigid! Say what you want!! I call it routine, structure, raising future adults, and future Christ followers.  I think it benefits my children's future and the flow of our home throughout the Summer!!!

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