Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Prayer Request!

Our little guy is having his oral surgery tomorrow.  If you would please keep him in your prayers, we would greatly appreciate it.  

Who: Tyson

What: Oral Surgery (Tyson will have 4 teeth removed & one pulled down to it's permanent  position.).

When: 4:20 p.m.

Why: Because he has 3 front baby teeth and 3 front permanent teeth.

Surprisingly, Tyson has no anxiety.  He has asked a few questions such as,

1. Will I be sleepy?
2. What will I do the rest of the night?
3.  How will I eat with all of my front teeth missing?

We have reminded him that God is faithful and is sovereign over his life.  We have comforted him by explaining the procedure.  We have reassured him that so many people are praying for him.  We have prayed over him.  And we are thankful for laughing gas.  LOL!  You know me... I will certainly have the video camera out JUST IN CASE anything comical occurs because of the medications he will be on.  

We covet your prayers!