Monday, May 13, 2013

A Grandmother to 6

Darren and I have been together for 20 years (as of next month). High school sweet hearts, a college duo, and now soul mates for life, living for God's glory. Through my relationship with Darren began a relationship with my mother-in-law. We have laughed together, cried together, rejoiced with each other, and mourned with one another.  We've experienced traveling together, from South Florida all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada.  Long conversations have also allowed for our relationship to remain constant, honest, upright and it continues flourishing.  I am especially thankful that she is attending church with us and learning all there is know about Christ.  She has a BIG heart and is very loving.  I now know where Darren get's his gift of giving... from his mother. Renee has also been like a second mother to me.

Our "in-law" relationship has experienced very MINIMAL downs and many UPS. Prayerfully, God has gotten us through them all.  We place our trust and hope in HIM above.  We know that all things that our relationship endures is for His glory and that there is a greater purpose in it.  

She's a grandmother to 6, but she has never had the luxury to enjoy ALL of her grandchildren under one roof.  It's sad and I know the pain for her cuts deep.  It's difficult when you cannot control a situation and make it right.  I know that she wishes things were different, but since they are NOT, I wanted to do something to help make her feel settled... somewhat.  I know for my kids, a bandaid always helps. So... I bought her a "bandaid". 
I placed it in a sweet box which reads, "Mothers, are a blessing from above."
In it, is a personlized necklace with ALL 6 of her grandchildren's names on it.
The necklace hangs right where her heart beats.
NO ONE or NOTHING can take this away from her.
She now can have all of her grandchildren close to her heart at all times.
When she opened it, she cried tears of joy.  She said, "I will wear this proudly.  This means more to me than you will ever know.  When I wear it, it will be a reminder to me, to pray to God and ask Him to make things different one day."  
We are expected in the happy moments... to praise God.  In the difficult moments... to seek God.  In the quiet moments.... to worship God.  In the painful moments... to Trust God.  AND in EVERY moment... to Thank God. 

It's difficult to see a loved one suffer.  Whether it be the death of a family member, a divorce, a difficult marriage, a tragic injury, a move, a miscarriage, or family brokenness, it's never easy.  BUT, there is freedom in knowing Christ and trusting in Him through all things.  So, along with the necklace (and a few other special gifts), Darren and I purchased a Bible for Renee.  She can turn to the word of God when this family dynamic is troubling her.  
In the mean time, prayers can be said for hard hearts to be softened, stubbornness to be removed, lies to be turned into truth, confessions to be made, forgiveness to take root, and CHRIST to be KNOWN in the lives of the "other" party, so that before GRANDNEE leaves this earth, she can have her grandchildren reunited and together, in person, rather than just through a necklace.  

Happy Mother's Day Renee! We had a wonderful time with you at the Outback.  I hope you have enjoyed your digital picture frame :)
Two mothers celebrating Mother's Day!