Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Tyson has really blessed me over the last week.  He has been randomly handing me notes throughout the week.  None of the notes are probed or demanded. Typically, he disappears somewhere and returns with a stack of little white papers.  It's beyond sweet.

Take a peak...
On Friday, before small group, Darren was checking Tyson’s ipod (we do this periodically) and he noticed Ty purchased 4 games without our knowledge.  I was pretty upset.  Although it was only $4, it charged my credit card, and the rule is… you must ask before using the ipod and ALL games must be pre-approved.  The games were totally age appropriate, but that wasn’t the point.  We dealt with the issue and I thought it was over with.  The next day, his birthday, he handed me $4 and a note, that read,

“I am sorry that I bought thing[s] on I-tunes.  Here is four dollers."

The next four notes were handed to me after I tucked him into bed last night...
 The above read, 

"I am sorry for my bad behavior.  I hope that you have a better day today.  I will do anything you want me to today.  I will not fret Lilah or Jax today.  Thank you for all of my birthday presents.  I really liked my shoeless Joe glove.  I can finally squeeze it all the way.  I also like my banner.  From. Ty To. Mom"
These notes were brought to me after lunch on Mother's Day.  He had a few behavioral incidents on Mother's day.  One side was his faults/sins and the other side was what he could have chosen to do to make my day special. 

Sin                                                         Showing Love
"Broke your flower."                            "Not broken your flower."
"Kicked your car."                                "Settled down."
"Said, your mean."                               "Said, your nice."
"Pushed you into the wall."                 "Tickled you and treated you nice."

He didn't really push me into the wall like you are probably envisioning.  I am so thankful that he recognizes his sin and is remorseful/repentant.  Most adults can't even see their sin for what it's worth.  Praise you God.
And finally,
This morning, before school, he writes

"Happy late mothers day.  I am sorry I didn't get you any thing so I will clean the floors today and I will wipe down the counter fefore I go to bed.  Thank you for reading my Tim Tebow book with me.  I would like to get to read it more.  Also thank you for letting us have fun at the baseball game.  It was very fun every one was chasing me.  I even got to see Jax playing with Jon.  Jax playing really good.  You are a great mom.  From. Ty To.Mom"

These notes CRACK ME UP and MELT MY HEART.  I love being able to read his feelings.  

PS.  He did get me something for Mother's Day!!!  Well, Darren did!  Post coming soon :)