Sunday, May 12, 2013

Morgan's Graduation

My sister Morgan graduated from Radford University this weekend with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations.  She is in the middle of searching for jobs and going through the interview process.  This day was so hectic and sadly, I stayed AS LATE AS I possibly could, but I had to rush back to Roanoke for Tyson's baseball game (which happened to get rained out), so I did NOT get to see her walk the stage.  When I left, there was 40 people left to walk the stage and she was one of them :(
 Pretty girl graduates.
 Fan club watches!!!
 Leecie with mommy aka "Cee Cee" or Carlene.  
Part of her gift...
1. A printable
2. A $1 Frame
3. CASH 
"In Case Of Emergency, Break Glass!"
 A pretty, beaded wrap watch from "Two And A Half Sisters"
I added a little note that read, "Its "TIME" to grow up!"

Morgan, Congratulations!!!!!!  I pray God blesses you with a great job and that life, real adult life, begins to grow and mature you in a way that is pleasing to HIM above.  I am thankful I was able to make it to at least PART of your graduation day!!!