Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Cat In The Hat Party!!!!

Lilah and Jaxon are almost 4 years old!  It's is crazy to believe they are the exact age Tyson was when they were born.  Months after finding out I was having twins, I began planning ahead for many events.  I knew ONE day, I would desire to have a "Thing 1 and Thing 2" birthday party!!!  So this year, we are doing just that.  The theme of the party is based off of Dr. Seuss's most famous book titled, "The Cat In The Hat".  If you have never read it, I'm pretty sure you are not American.  LOL!
I knew immediately that I wanted to "rewrite" the book.  I thought it would be neat to recreate the book with Lilah and Jax's party details in it.  I searched and searched for ideas, but nothing really impressed me (nothing on etsy nor pinterest). I probably did, sadly, over 100 or more searches.  Day in and day out the end result was always, NOTHING.  Finally, I came across a blog of a mother who had already recreated the book for her daughter's invitation.  She refused to make or sell the invitations because she was fearful of copy right infringement laws.  She was only willing to POST her project. 
I took matters into my own hands.  Using my handy, dandy WORD program, I made my own book.  I created the wording to jive for twins.  It was complete.  I had only one problem.  What would the end result look like?  That lead me to my next 100 searches.  I found a company on etsy, who's invites (both quality and look) suited my eye.  I asked them if they would take my work and collaborate with me by printing the documents and assembling them to mock a book.  They agreed!  The final product could NOT have turned out any better.  I LOVED it.  
I'm anticipating their party next Saturday!  We are going to have a SEUSSICAL time.  Be sure to check back a few days after their party date (March 23rd) to see all of the additional details to this fun party!
To view ALL of the invitation photos I captured,
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