Sunday, March 17, 2013

Basketball Season Is Over

Today was such a hectic sports day! Here was our agenda,

10:00 am - Jax's soccer game (Yes!  Jax is on a soccer team.  Will post A.S.A.P.)
3:30   pm - Tyson's basketball banquet
4:00   pm - Baseball draft (Is it that time of year again already?!?!?!)

It doesn't seem like a lot, but it was a filled day.  I am finally getting accustomed to the sports world.  It just comes with the territory of being a mother to (2) boys I guess. I enjoy watching the boys excel, meet friends, and establish the understanding of team work.  

Anyway, here our a few pictures from the banquet today!  Baseball starts in less than three weeks.  
Coach Luper chose to give out medals.  I think I am more of a trophy fan, but it's nice switching things up a bit, every once in a while!
Everyone brought a dish and there was a huge potluck dinner there.  Tyson chose to sit with his teammates and, of course, putting 12 boys together always includes some form of goofing off.
Tyson takes a photo with his coach.  Darren couldn't stay at the banquet because he had to be at the baseball draft to pick his team.  Thankful for a very involved daddy.