Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jaxon Is On A Soccer Team

Tyson plays three different sports and Lilah does ballet. We figured it was time Jax has an extra curricular activity of his own.  We would have signed him up sooner, but technically, you have to be 4 years old to do anything.  Fortunately, the YMCA allowed us to sign Jax up being he is only two weeks shy of turning 4.  Soccer was Tyson's first sport.  Actually, the first time Tyson played soccer, the twins were 3 weeks old.  Check out Ty FIRST soccer photo here.

The first game was rough.  It was insanely cold and Jax was under the weather.  He had been anticipating his first game like you wouldn't believe, but due to it being cold and him having a cold, he cried the entire time.  He just wouldn't cooperate. Darren and I were both disappointed.  
You can see the pep talks taking place, but they did NO good. Jax could not be convinced, at neither the first game nor half of the second game, to play!  Check out his tears in the photo above.
The follow week, Jax refused to play until Darren left early for a "men's outing".  I somehow convinced Jax to play and wouldn't you know, he scored a goal.  It took much convincing, on my part, for Darren to even believe it.  
 BUT THEN... he got the urge to play and play hard by game #3.
Today's game time was AWESOME!  Jax played in the entire game.  He is the youngest player on the team, but boy did he perform well.  His little face was bright red and he had a grin on his face from ear to ear.  Mommy and Daddy were really proud of him.  He did a fantastic job.  We are thankful to God that he restored Jax's enthusiasm to play!!  
I am posting these photos out of order because the first two game's photos are on a different memory stick.
"Good game!"
"Go Maroon!"