Monday, January 28, 2019

Girls Just Want To Have Dunn!

Have I mentioned that I love Rae Dunn? Below are a few of the pieces that I have collected or been gifted over the last 1.5 years. The true Rae Dunn collectors RISE EARLY and stand at Marhsall's, HomeGoods, and TJ Maxx to rush in a swoop all of the latest and greatest pieces.  I do not feel the need to do that.  I just buy them as I find them and I am ok if I don't have every piece.  In fact, I prefer to only have pieces that I really love.  My girlfriend Emily purchased the below shirt for me after learning of my love for Rae Dunn. She started out making fun of me that I have words all over my home, but after I bought her puppies a dog bowl set... she then became attached too! The shirt is just perfect.  She said, "I was torn between this shirt and one that said, "SHIRT"." I almost died in laughter.  
I had my girlfriend Carmen make me a ton of "LipBoss" ornaments. She has a small side business doing vinyl projects.  These were gifted to all of my downlines who placed qualifying orders. 
 Mr. Wonderful is my husband!
 Coffee anyone?  
And if anyone knows me, they know of my love to organize, not so much file and save.  I hate paperwork, BUT these file folders were a MUST.
 This mug was purchased for my BFF, Ashely Harris.  
And at Christmas I got my hubby these mugs.  He joked and said, "Oh look! You bought yourself some new Rae Dunn mugs!" #Busted.
I LOVE this set! I prefer to USE my Rae Dunn, but I have a hard time using these matches because once they are gone, they are gone!
These spaghetti containers are so cute, but these are found at Kirkland's and anyone can buy them.  I used them as gifts, but for the pieces I collect and keep, I prefer to buy only the unique/hard to find pieces.  
 #GirlBoss That's me! If ONLY it said LipBoss.  
 And Miss #Royalty chose the LoveSac over her new dog beg.  
These photos are not exhaustive of what I have, but again, I enjoy collecting these pieces and scattering them throughout my home vs. buying every piece I find and sticking them on a shelf.  I don't prefer to have Rae Dunn in abundance.  I did happen to think that these pieces would really come in handy for those suffering with dementia or Alzheimer's disease, but I am not overly familiar with the disease and do not know if remember how to read also becomes an issue.  I am also always thinking what else Rae Dunn with create or do to keep her audience intrigued or if like anything else, this will become a trend that eventually ends.  I just love the clean, crisp, black/white look!

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