Thursday, March 9, 2017

Warriors Basketball Season Is OVER!

Basketball season is officially over.  It was a really busy season this time around because we had THREE children playing. Shew, that was rough.  Our entire Saturday and Sunday was devoted to practice, Church, games, and youth group.  It was never a relaxing weekend and I am thrilled to say goodbye to it.  ALTHOUGH... with that being said, BASKETBALL is my favorite sport to watch my kids play.  They are just so good at it. Jax clearly couldn't contain his composure during this photo shoot.  LOL! Daddy was making him laugh and smile.  It's okay.  It created the best pics.  Thank you @lensationsbyscott for the awesome photos.  
So much cuteness wrapped up in this photo.  LOVE IT!
Daddy was one of the assistant coaches.  
Sadly, on the day of Jax's banquet began a 5 day long string of sickness in our home, so it was NOT a photo moment opportunity!
Our family has chosen to take a season of SPORTS OFF, minus dance, and just condition our boys for football season (in August) and truly BE STILL with one another.  It's been amazing ALREADY!!!! Baseball has never been a sport that I was thrilled to watch.  B-O-R-I-N-G!

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