Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hidden Pickle Tradition

You may remember this post from last year.  We are on year 3 now of carrying out this tradition.  "Mr. Pickle" is our pickle ornament.  I purchased him from Hallmark after discovering that he originated and used in german homes at Christmas time.  Being I am half german, I decided to use that as an excuse to adopt this fun Christmas game!!

Basically, you hide the green pickle inside of the Christmas tree.  This pickle actually talks.  The kids hide in the bathroom, the adult hides the pickle and presses the button which forces the pickle to say things like, 

"Youhoo!  I'm over here!"
"Try to find me!"
"I'm getting lonely."
"Hurry up and find me!"
"Don't leave me hanging!"
"I'm green like a pickle!"
 The three prizes.
 There's "Mr. Pickle".  He's so cute.
 Searching for Mr. Pickle.
 "I found him mom!"
This is a really cute "game".  In the past, I have given out ONE gift to the FIRST person who finds the camouflaged, talking pickle. This year, I decided to buy three prizes. It made this "game" go on for a little longer. Tyson was the FIRST person to find the pickle, so I let him hide it the second time around.  To make it fair, everyone eventually got a prize.