Monday, January 2, 2012

Mr. Pickle!

It's a German tradition to hide a pickle, somewhere on the Christmas tree, and whoever finds it, receives an extra gift. I thought it was an fun tradition to add to our Christmas Day agenda after finding the "hide and seek" pickle ornament at Hallmark last year. PLUS, I do have German heritage :)
This is only the second year we've carried out this tradition, but Tyson didn't forget about it. It was more fun this year than last year because Lilah and Jax were too little to get it.

So, the kids hid in the bathroom, while my goofball hubby hid the pickle.
I had NO idea Darren crossed his eyes when I took the picture. Ha ha. When I went back later and looked at the pictures, I about died. He looks so weird. LOL!
Then we said, "On your mark, get set, GOOOOOO!" The kids came running out, one by one. I was so excited to capture their excitement. I love my speedy camera.

The kids rushed to the tree, listening for Mr. Pickle, and searching for his BRIGHT green coloring as he dangled on the tree.

Of course the BIGGEST kids found Mr. Pickle. I try to make the winning gift something ALL the kids can use and enjoy though. Tyson was sweet! After finding it and opening it he said to Lilah and Jax, "We can share this guys! Wanna play it?"
I purchased a "Super Skipper". This has been a HUGE hit. We had something similar but it broke over a year ago, so Tyson especially, was thrilled to see this toy resurface in the house. The kids pull it out DAILY and it fills our home with a ton of laughter.