Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas With The "Cousins"

Another group of visitors we received over the holidays were Cee Cee and the girls aka Salene and Saleece.  My kids are always on cloud 9 when they know Cee Cee is on her way. This visit was fairly LOW KEY, but one of the more enjoyable visits.  We did make a trip to the mall and chick-fil-a.  The next day, we stayed in pjs all day, played dress-up, made homemade chicken parmesan, "baked" cake pops, exchanged gifts, and jumped on the trampoline.  These kids have a deep bond that NOTHING will ever break.  The pictures say it all!
 I love spiderman.  He's always in the middle of the three girls.  How appropriate.  
This photo was put on instagram and got rave reviews. They couldn't believe they missed Jax the first few times they looked at it.  I'm just glad Jax wasn't desiring to wear one of the dresses.
The vanity was getting MUCH use when Salene and Saleece were here.
 Cinderella blow dries Salene's hair.
Darren is ALWAYS making someone laugh or smile!  This photo is priceless.
 Cousin LOVE!
Crazy jumping FOOL!!!

By the way...
A HUGE THANKS goes out to Dennis Maggi, Aaron Fernandez, Zach Harris, and Nathan Carroll for helping Darren put the trampoline together.  Our family is using it and enjoying it tremendously.  It would NOT have been possible without you guys.  Brett, I know you were 100% willing, but you were in South Carolina.