Saturday, March 31, 2012

Baseball 2012

Baseball season has BEGUN! Darren is the head coach this year. I am beyond grateful for his involvement in our children's lives both on and off the field. It makes me so thankful I am married to him. He has been really enthusiastic about this role and has been trying to encourage Tyson to show the team what it means to be respectful, by the way he listens to the him on the field.

The first practice was today from 11 am - 1 pm. I was a tad too preoccupied to take pictures, but I was able to take few!

Enjoy!!!! All practices are in April, but the games start in May if anyone is interested in coming out to support the team... "STORM!"

Coach D is anxious and excited to teach these young ones a thing or 10 about baseball.

"Listen up boys!"
These two coaches are like "two peas in a pod!"
Coach D and Jeremie teaching the kiddies!!!
Scrumptious! I could eat him with a spoon!!!!!! He insisted on wearing his brother's hat from last year's baseball team. He even slept with it on today!
This kid is so darn cute.
WOAH! She has mommy hair! LOL!
Cyrus and his mommy were already at Greenhill and we ran into each other. The twins were happy to have him as their playmate.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Mega Millions!

Tonight, I heard on the news about the Mega Million lottery jackpot. 700 million dollars. Woah! I explained to Tyson what the lottery was because he over heard Darren and I's conversation about it. I told Ty, "Write down 6 numbers and we will go play in a little while!" Being I never play the lottery, I totally forgot, and JUMPED UP off the couch, in panic, at 9:53 pm realizing those 6 numbers still existed and sat on a notepad, on my kitchen counter. I could NEVER live with myself if those six numbers were indeed "THE" numbers. LOL! So Ty and I ran to a local gas station to play. On the way there and on the way back, Ty and I talked about what $700 million dollars could buy. I couldn't even come up with enough belongings to explain to him how much money that really is. Anyway, we both agreed that we would use the money to share with the unfortunate. Ty said, "I will give at least half of my winnings to the poor!" So sweet! I also told Ty that our happiness and joy should not be found in money or things but in the blood of Jesus Christ.
Anyway, we only played a whopping $4, but the man in front of us spent $125.00. Stay tuned... haha. I'm letting Ty stay up until 11 pm to see what the outcome is.


On March 25, 2009, two beautiful and healthy babies were placed in my arms (well actually Darren's :). It is all a very distant memory how we made it from day one to present time, but I know I owe all the credit to our LORD and Savior. By His grace WE have survived. I could not imagine life without them, although there are days I'd love to get it my car and drive far far away :) It doesn't take long for my thoughts to be reigned back in, gaze at them, and cherish their sweet smiles, contagious laughter, and stinky feet. UNTIL..... the next moment of whining or disobedience occurs. Vicious cycle, but I know one day I will regret NOT having them around.

This year, March 25th landed on a Sunday. We brought Dunkin Donuts into church for all their church friends to enjoy! Later that night, we let Lilah and Jax choose a restaurant to eat at. Lilah chose El Rodeo. Jax isn't a fan, but we told him he could pick a restaurant another day. She always gets her way. LOL! Afterwards, we met Grandnee and Grandad at the Salem Ice Cream Parlor for a sweet birthday treat. Then we gave them their gifts. Each child received 3 gifts. It wasn't overwhelming and they seemed to value it more. This might be a new Christmas tradition after all (3 gifts).
My three amigos at El Rodeo!
I LOVE THIS SHOT OF LILAH! She looks so grown up and beautiful.

At El Rodeo we had Ty smile with the birthday boy!
Somehow we all managed to wear black, but I PROMISE it wasn't planned.
A nice group shot!
Silly daddy!
Jaxey feeds grandad.

Big brother!
The birthday girl enjoys some "crazy vanilla." See her sweet bracelet? Mommy bought her some "bling". A personalized beaded bracelet.
Jax enjoyed his time at the ice cream parlor.
"A BIKE FOR ME?" Exclaimed Jax.
He wasted NO time getting on it.

Jax received a bike from Grandee and Grandad. Mommy and Daddy bought him his very own razor scooter.
Grandnee and Grandad purchased the "Bitty Twins" from American Doll.
Lilah received an leapPAD! Just like a ipad, but for kids (from mommy and daddy!)

Grandnee gets some birthday kisses and hugs before she leaves.

Happy 3rd Birthday LILAH AND JAXON!

Lilah and Jaxon are now 3 years old. It's incredibly hard to believe three years has gone by that quickly. I almost decided against a birthday party because we bought each of them big girl and big boy furniture, but as time approached I couldn't refrain. I decided to throw their party at Build-A-Bear because it was a viable option, one that our guests have never been to before, and before long, Jax will NOT be interested in stuffed animals. As I began the planning process, I decided I wanted this party to feel like more than a playdate at BAB or the mall. After the party at build-a-bear, I designed a teddy bear picnic for the kids to eat at. I had a fun time creating all the details. And the day of the party it all came to fruition as my dear friends/hired help set it all up for me while I stuffed some teddy bears with the birthday boy and girl. From what I gather, all of the kids had a fantastic time. The ONLY detail I did NOT capture was the adult party favor :( but every other detail is documented. A special thanks goes out to Chick-Fil-A for their amazing service to us. The owner and his daughter personally stood by our side, serving us, the entire time we ate. AND to Allison and Kaitlyn for lending us their amazing help so Darren and I could cherish this time with our "babies". Those two are the only two girls who know what I like and aim to please. I am grateful for all of my sisters in Christ who attended as well as their children. Lilah and Jaxon will never forget this BEARY SPECIAL TIME with all of them!!!!!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pampering Presley!

My dear friend Ashely was surprised by God.... and is now expecting her 3rd child, 1st little girl! We are tickled pink for her because every mommy should have a little girl to go shopping with and get her nails done together.

Our small group hosted a baby shower on March 22nd. The ring leader was Erin Carroll, so an extra special thank you should be given to her, as she designed the entire shower, got our shopping list down to a "T" so we didn't go over budget, and ended up doing the finishing touches to the water bottles and a few other tasks. Erin, we thank YOU! I know you are not going to be happy with me about this special thanks, but accept it... you deserve it!

Any hoooooo, Ashely was blessed with the presence of some of her closest friends and family in Christ. She was all smiles. AND if I am not mistaken, is finally prepared for her soon-to-be baby girl... PRESLEY!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't the name FAB?

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I had holy plans for you." Jeremiah 1:5

We cannot wait to meet this newest addition. Ashely, aren't you so excited? The coolest part is that Presley is due on Tyson's birthday, MAY 11th.
What a "little" DIVA! And no... I am NOT speaking of Presley!! Just teasing. She is the smallest 7 month pregnant lady I have ever met.

Here are some of the details of the shower...
I started making this diaper cake and my step-mom took over. Didn't she do a great job "blinging" it up?
Compliments of BOW-tiful stuff's hair accessories!!!
The food table.
The o so gorgeous water bottles, designed by ERIN!
The fluffy pom-poms.
The cake matched the diaper bag! Erin makes SCRUMPTIOUS cakes if anyone needs a "cake lady!"

The guests mingle and eat in honor of this new gift from God.
The mommy-to-be gets ready to open gifts.
Opening Gifts.
Ashely requested "GIRLY" things instead of necessities for Presley. Ask and you shall receive. "Ashely, pull this tab!" It was a trick!
It was like a clown car. The bows kept coming and coming and coming!
I think Presley is set for LIFE as far as hair accessories goes.
Aunt Kristin got Presley her first piece of jewelry, a personalized, beaded bracelet.
Aunt Jody got Presley a monogrammed blanket.
And all of us girls chipped in to get Presley and mommy a girly diaper bag.
The finished cookie. This is what we gave our guests. Homemade, heart-shaped, "P" cookies, with a tag revealing our gratitude for their visit and gift.