Friday, March 30, 2012


On March 25, 2009, two beautiful and healthy babies were placed in my arms (well actually Darren's :). It is all a very distant memory how we made it from day one to present time, but I know I owe all the credit to our LORD and Savior. By His grace WE have survived. I could not imagine life without them, although there are days I'd love to get it my car and drive far far away :) It doesn't take long for my thoughts to be reigned back in, gaze at them, and cherish their sweet smiles, contagious laughter, and stinky feet. UNTIL..... the next moment of whining or disobedience occurs. Vicious cycle, but I know one day I will regret NOT having them around.

This year, March 25th landed on a Sunday. We brought Dunkin Donuts into church for all their church friends to enjoy! Later that night, we let Lilah and Jax choose a restaurant to eat at. Lilah chose El Rodeo. Jax isn't a fan, but we told him he could pick a restaurant another day. She always gets her way. LOL! Afterwards, we met Grandnee and Grandad at the Salem Ice Cream Parlor for a sweet birthday treat. Then we gave them their gifts. Each child received 3 gifts. It wasn't overwhelming and they seemed to value it more. This might be a new Christmas tradition after all (3 gifts).
My three amigos at El Rodeo!
I LOVE THIS SHOT OF LILAH! She looks so grown up and beautiful.

At El Rodeo we had Ty smile with the birthday boy!
Somehow we all managed to wear black, but I PROMISE it wasn't planned.
A nice group shot!
Silly daddy!
Jaxey feeds grandad.

Big brother!
The birthday girl enjoys some "crazy vanilla." See her sweet bracelet? Mommy bought her some "bling". A personalized beaded bracelet.
Jax enjoyed his time at the ice cream parlor.
"A BIKE FOR ME?" Exclaimed Jax.
He wasted NO time getting on it.

Jax received a bike from Grandee and Grandad. Mommy and Daddy bought him his very own razor scooter.
Grandnee and Grandad purchased the "Bitty Twins" from American Doll.
Lilah received an leapPAD! Just like a ipad, but for kids (from mommy and daddy!)

Grandnee gets some birthday kisses and hugs before she leaves.