Friday, March 30, 2012

Mega Millions!

Tonight, I heard on the news about the Mega Million lottery jackpot. 700 million dollars. Woah! I explained to Tyson what the lottery was because he over heard Darren and I's conversation about it. I told Ty, "Write down 6 numbers and we will go play in a little while!" Being I never play the lottery, I totally forgot, and JUMPED UP off the couch, in panic, at 9:53 pm realizing those 6 numbers still existed and sat on a notepad, on my kitchen counter. I could NEVER live with myself if those six numbers were indeed "THE" numbers. LOL! So Ty and I ran to a local gas station to play. On the way there and on the way back, Ty and I talked about what $700 million dollars could buy. I couldn't even come up with enough belongings to explain to him how much money that really is. Anyway, we both agreed that we would use the money to share with the unfortunate. Ty said, "I will give at least half of my winnings to the poor!" So sweet! I also told Ty that our happiness and joy should not be found in money or things but in the blood of Jesus Christ.
Anyway, we only played a whopping $4, but the man in front of us spent $125.00. Stay tuned... haha. I'm letting Ty stay up until 11 pm to see what the outcome is.