Saturday, March 31, 2012

Baseball 2012

Baseball season has BEGUN! Darren is the head coach this year. I am beyond grateful for his involvement in our children's lives both on and off the field. It makes me so thankful I am married to him. He has been really enthusiastic about this role and has been trying to encourage Tyson to show the team what it means to be respectful, by the way he listens to the him on the field.

The first practice was today from 11 am - 1 pm. I was a tad too preoccupied to take pictures, but I was able to take few!

Enjoy!!!! All practices are in April, but the games start in May if anyone is interested in coming out to support the team... "STORM!"

Coach D is anxious and excited to teach these young ones a thing or 10 about baseball.

"Listen up boys!"
These two coaches are like "two peas in a pod!"
Coach D and Jeremie teaching the kiddies!!!
Scrumptious! I could eat him with a spoon!!!!!! He insisted on wearing his brother's hat from last year's baseball team. He even slept with it on today!
This kid is so darn cute.
WOAH! She has mommy hair! LOL!
Cyrus and his mommy were already at Greenhill and we ran into each other. The twins were happy to have him as their playmate.