Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Swab Skeletons

The other day I had a craft planned for the kiddies.  I was excited for Tyson because I felt like this craft was 1. right up his alley.... SKELETONS and 2. It was definitely geared more towards his age.  Unfortunately, there was just no way the twins could do it.  Tyson and I almost gave up.  Basically, you take Q-tips and cotton balls and make your own skeleton creation out of them.  I had to break out the hot glue guns because nothing else worked.  Tyson insisted on using the gun on his own AND he actually did a good job, but you know how messy glue guns can be, not to mention a tad dangerous. Anyway, I doubt this is something I would try again, but I think they really turned out cute.  I was more impressed with Tyson's skeleton than my own.
Tyson's skeleton (above)
My skeleton (below)