Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Dance Party" USA

Our home has become one BIG dance party.  At any given moment, if you feel like dancing, just knock on the door.... SERIOUSLY. Trust me, we will probably be blasting music and dancing like fools.  I can't promise you that our dance moves will be GOOD, but we are having a really good time :)

The "bad" part is that we are listening to secular music and at times, I have to switch the song because the lyrics are inappropriate.  Fortunately, at this age, they haven't heard many inappropriate words in their lifetime, so they pay NO attention to it.  

Enjoy the videos....  Lilah is seriously a dancing QUEEN! Oh and if you listen carefully, the singer in the background is JAX. Hahahahaha.  I know... most of you will be stunned.  It's a side of him he doesn't show to MOST all.  It's only in the comfort of his own environment.  


  1. We listen to a LOT of Kidz Bop. It's all the music you hear on the radio, but without the innappropriate words and connotations. We have some CDs and have downloaded a bunch of songs from iTunes. Ashley's really into pop/hip hop so it works out great. Let me know if you'd like to borrow a CD and check it out.

    1. Oh that sounds awesome! Would you mind allowing us to borrow them? Might be a great stocking stuffer.

  2. love lilahs eyes in the last video haha, so cute.


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