Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WHOOOO loves you?

My new LOVE is anything OWLS.  I am not sure what all of the sudden attracted me to them, but they are just insanely, insanely, insanely CUTE!!!!  With Halloween approaching, owls are EVERYWHERE.  Pier 1 has the CUTEST collection.  Too bad we haven't drawn names yet for Secret Santa... I'd give my Secret Santa a hint and let them know they could pick up a clearanced owl for me, after Halloween :)

Whooops, back to why I am doing this post...

After pulling out the dreadful play-doh on this cold, wet day (or at least it was this morning), I treated myself by trying out a craft I've been eyeing for at least 3 days now.  I saw the idea in the Family Fun Magazine and since I love owls, I thought, "Owl I give it a try!"  LOL!  I know, I am such a nerd.  

So here they are.  Isn't it such a HOOT?  He he.... I think so too.  Try making some of your own creations.  They are just darling!

What do you need?
Empty toilet paper rolls
Cupcake liners
Scrapbook paper
Black marker
I didn't have enough toilet paper rolls, BUT,
I resolved that issue by cutting a paper towel roll in thirds.

Cut ONE inch off of the top of the roll.
Fold the top pieces in and tape.

Cut a cupcake liner in half.
Glue the two pieces onto roll (I used a hot glue gun).
Making wings!

Cut two more liners in half.
Layer and glue.

There you have it.
WHOOOO doesn't understand? :) 

They are so cute, I cannot stand it!!!!
Just perching along!

What Hoooo Lookin At?

OWL be seeing ya!!!!!!!!