Monday, April 30, 2012

On April 28th, the Glenvar Youth Boosters had their "Opening Day" for baseball.  This year, Darren is the head coach of Tyson's team.  Their team name is called "Storm"!  The parents are loving the uniforms.  They are pretty cool looking, but I wonder how the boys will feel about them come early June!  The sun and the color black don't go hand in hand.
#7 hiding behind his hat! He was super excited!!! 
This kid is really my 7 year old!
Hard to believe.
He looks so grown up!
As "team mom", ha ha, would you have guessed.  
I had the team line up for a team photo!
Ty shows off his little brother! 
The team lines up, waiting to be introduced 
And in preparation to run on the field!
Let the game begin!
Coach D stand near first base to cheer his team on!

I love a man in uniform!  
Wait, let me rephrase that...
I love MY MAN in uniform!!!  LOL!
Coach Nick gets ready to throw the first pitch!
And the first "game ball" goes to Joshua Prillaman!!!!!

Our team is amazing this year.
While we are NOT supposed to keep score, we can't help it!
We slaughtered them!

The team finally gets introduced on opening day!
The next game is Monday, April 30th, 
If anyone is interested in coming out to support our team!