Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lilah's FIRST Round of Bedding!!!

So my children, ALL OF THEM, have gotten new bedroom furniture over the last 2 months.  Why haven't you seen it?  I'm sure you could guess.  I am an absolute perfectionist!!!!  I have been looking for months and months, but I have NOT yet found the "perfect" bedding for ANY ROOM!  Why is it, when you are looking for something you can't find it, but when you are NOT looking for something, it's right at your disposal.  

Anyway, I finally spotted something for Lilah that I thought was girly, modern, crisp, and would travel well with her for many years. So I ordered it.  I had been eyeing the color purple for months, but this "pool" color really caught my eye.  This bedding also comes in a purple and black combo.  

When the bedding arrived, I noticed the brand new, out of the wrapper, duvet cover was damaged.  So luckily, for the inconvenience, pottery barn teen is sending me the purple set to help me see which color I like better.  For now, here is Lilah's room.  

Please keep in mind... this room is entirely UNFINISHED!  No paint, no accents (such as light/lamps/pillows/curtains.  So don't judge it entirely YET, but if you don't mind, give me your honest thoughts form what you do see below!!!!  

Having a little girl is so much fun!  When Lilah saw her bedding she was excited, but the boys were tickled to death.  They insisted on helping me push the pillows into the new pillow cases and help me "dress" her bed!!!!  Lilah's room is oversized.  She is one lucky girl because that means we have some extra special things that can fit in there, like the vanity from pottery barn I am eyeing.  

I cannot wait to complete one room and move on to the next.  BABY STEPS!!!
Bedding option #1 has arrived!!!  
The view of Lilah's room from the hallway!
Up close!!! 
I threw her purple pillow pet on her bed to see if purple would be a nice accent color!
A peak of her room from a different angle!
See the "polka dot wall"?  
I plan to do this technique on her wall IF I keep the bedding.
 Of course I will use a color paint that coordinates with her bedding!