Monday, September 16, 2019

A Break From Dancing...

After the girls danced in their first competition, they were released for the rest of the day.  I think we were released around 4 pm. My friend Lori and her daughter Ella were staying at a beautiful resort, on the beach, about 20 minutes from our hotel, called the Cavalier . She invited us to join them at the resort's poolside BBQ. I was excited for my kids because they said they would NOT leave Virginia Beach without seeing the beach. Even though we live in Virginia, my kids have never been to Virginia Beach before (minus Ty, but he was like 2 months old when we took him.).  

The fun was IMMEDIATE.  The kids wasted NO TIME hopping in the infinity pool.  
Ella fits in just like one of the Bolling kids.
The views were absolutely magnificent.
We arrived at the perfect time.  I mean the sun was setting and the breeze was so relaxing.
I was so amazed at the ships.  I don't know why.  I guess I just try to envision what life on a ship is like and I just go deep into my thoughts about things like, what if they wanted a starbucks! LOL! Wow, that's so deep.  Hehe.
Seeing their happiness made my heart content.
 I enjoyed a beautiful, grapefruit cocktail and listened to the band, while blabbing away with Lori.
The outside pool closed pretty early.  Crazy, but I guess it's the resort's way of quieting things down.  No worries. We moved our party to the indoor pool.  
There was something refreshing about visiting a place we have never visited before.  The kids were in their glory and having so much fun.
Enjoy a few videos of our experience at the Cavalier below!
The coolest part about this experience was learning that Pharrell Williams stayed at this resort about two weeks prior.  We were living the celebrity style life! It was sweet.  LOL! Thank you Lori for opening up your resort to us. You were so generous to invite us!

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