Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"What WE Love" Wreath

Normally on Wednesdays, we have been so successful with our crafting. Jax and Lilah are so accustomed to our Wednesday plans that this morning Jax woke up and the first thing out of his mouth was, "I wanna do crafts!" I LOVE IT! Today, I had two things planned. The first you will see below. It's just a simple heart wreath made out of construction paper. I went back and forth between the twins and asked them to name things that they LOVE until I ran out of hearts. As you can see, some of the things were serious and others were pulled out of the air, but overall, they did a great job. I'll let you guess who said "car wash". LOL!
My plan B (or part 2 of our crafting today) didn't go as planned. I was so aggravated about it too, but I'm over it now. I have been dying to do this project for two weeks now. We started it and got about 90% of the way done until I realized I was missing the biggest part of the puzzle. I hope to complete this project NO LATER than next MONDAY! I had to order something today in order to finish this project by Valentine's Day!

What are some things you LOVE? I love my God, my hubby, my children, my church, my Sensational 6, my housekeeper, my home, comfy clothes, coffee, diet coke, the WORD, my iphone, MY BLOG, and candles... JUST TO NAME A FEW! I also LOVE COMMENTS on my blog :) HINT HINT!

Happy HUMP Day!


  1. well i always comment on your blog so yay me :) i love whoever said el rodeo b/c thats something i love too! hehe.

  2. I did this with the girls last night...thanks for the idea! The interesting thing is that out of all the things in the world that they could have said that they love, they also said car wash, like your kiddos!! Hilarious!


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