Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Where have I been?

AHHHHHH!!!!! Do you miss me? Or my posts? IF not, don't say so. LOL! Well, I have missed you and BLOGGING, but sometimes, some thing has gotta give and unfortunately, this week it's been blogging. Where have I been? I'll tell ya...

Camera class, birthday parties, dinner parties, selling bows, listing items on craig's list, redesigning 3 children's bedrooms, returns (legal ones :), small group, MY BIRTHDAY, Church, parent teacher conferences, planning my twins 3rd birthday party, bible study, school carnival, exercising, studying, helping a friend organize her home, and the most time consuming of them all, VALENTINE'S DAY... it has consumed me. I committed to tooooo many detailed projects that are all ready to be delivered TOMORROW at school and Wednesday at church. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Valentine's Day, but NEVER AGAIN will I be this detailed. Oh wait, did I mention I have 3 kids, a hubby and a 4,000 square foot home to take care of TOO! Why I am not 90 pounds is beyond me?!?!?! BUT I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!!!! I AM just stating the fact that I am CONSTANTLY ON THE GO! Thank God for caffeine and energy.

Here's a few photos of the camera class. Be on the look out for TON'S OF posts in the next few days!
Look how professional my love, Ashely, looks!
Saying "cheese" for the camera as I tried out a new setting! She was my "subject".
IF you see Ashely, then you always see a diet coke. AND if you see Kristin and Ashely, then you always see 2 diet cokes. She's such a friend to always grab one for me. Ashely... muah!
These girls aren't playin around! They got busy practicing!
The camera class was held at my neighbor's home (Lisa Dolloph). She hired a professional photographer to come and teach us all about our fancy cameras. I was joined by my friends Ashely and Annamarie. The cost was $35 per person. We learned about ISO, aperture, and F-stop as well as what all of our settings mean and how they operate. If anyone is interested, contact me. I will give you the information so you can hold a class of your own. Lisa, thank you so much for inviting me and my girlfriends. They really felt like this class was a huge help. Is anyone off of "auto" yet? LOL!

IF anyone sees me outside taking pictures of a stuffed animal, please don't have me committed Well, NOT YET at least. The teacher told us to practice using our "new" settings outside with our subject being a stuffed animal because it doesn't move.