Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ducks, Bird Feeders with Knives, and Playtime!

Yesterday we were invited to join Erin and Ashely, for a beautiful day, at the Duck Pond and then back to the Carroll's home for a "BYOL" (bring your own lunch) and a craft. "Ms. Erin" found a fun and creative craft off of pinterest (go figure) for the kids to do. Not so sure she will replicate this one again, with this age group. Her house was all prettied up before we got there, but the combination of bird seed and peanut butter, in 2-3 year-olds hands was, well let's just say, MESSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the photos!
Lilah and Jax take a stroll!
Pregnant Ashely still continues to keep up with the "quadruplets".
Cohen is in awe of his surroundings!
Ms. Erin and kiddies feed the ducks crackers.
Mason gave Erin a "run for her money" (pun intended) at the duck pond! He was just doing his best to keep up with the ducks and the "big" kids.
"A feather!" EWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cohen, being the daring kid that he is, rolled down the hill. The other kids did NOT follow, but laughed as he did it. I told Ashely, "Now I know why your boys are always sick! It's because you let them roll around in duck poop!" LOL!
Lilah looking back to decide, "Should I run this way?"
"Or go back like my mommy asked?" See the contemplation in her eyes? I'll let you guess which choice she made :)
Did this photo actually successfully happen? We had them "quack" for the camera.
Back to the Carroll's home to make bird feeders.

What you need:

Toilet paper rolls
Peanut Butter
Bird Seed
Lilah was sure not to let any peanut butter go to waste. She used her tongue to clean up her sticky hands. Don't worry... they were washed after the duck pond.
Leave it to a teacher and mommy of 2 to give 2-3 year olds KNIVES! LOL!
Julia and Cohen were working VERY carefully!
This was a royal treat for Lilah especially. She has no other girls to play with, at home, and winds up playing baby dolls on her own. Her and Julia were all smiles.

We had to rush out of Ms. Erin's home to pick up Tyson from school. He had early dismissal. The day was so gorgeous, so I let the kids stay up until 2:00 pm to play outside. We hung our bird feeders on the only tree our property offers. So far, we haven't gotten to see the birds eat from it, but it is neat to look out and see our homemade feeders hanging on the tree.

The day was so much fun, not to mention sunny. But then again, rain or shine, any day with Erin is a sunny one!