Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Hello Valentine.... R U There?"

Can you hear me? Haha! No, probably NOT! But the kids sure did have fun pretending that they could communicate with each other through these fun, fake, and tasty flip phones. I let Ty give these out to his church friends. Later that night Jill texted me to say, "Your cell phones were a hit. All the girls have been "talking" on them since they got them!" LOL!
What you need:
Scrapbook paper
(2) Playing Cards
"Dots" Candy
Pixie Sticks
Hot Glue

The directions are pretty self explanatory. Just follow the picture for step by step directions. The only set of directions you would probably NOT be able to grasp from these photos is how to actually make the flip part of the phone. Take the 2 playing cards. Tape them together and trace them onto paper. Fold. Easy, peasy.
I had a ton of fun making these flip phones.

I added a little "text" message on the inside as well as the "time" the text was received!