Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

Here are some hysterical (in MY opinion) things my children have said in the last 3 days!

After church last night, Jax ran to the bathroom to poop. Apparently, Jax has discovered that Lilah is old enough to wipe him. Uh.... no! After finishing his bathroom duties, I hear Jax yell out,

"Lilah, I'm done! Come wipe me!"

You know how when your child is in trouble, you call them by their first and middle name? For instance, "Jaxon Reid!" Well, lately, when I am "in trouble", according to Lilah's expectations, she will yell at me by calling out,

"Mommy Reid!"

TOO FUNNY! I corrected her and told her my middle name is ANN. So now it's, "MOMMY ANN!"


On the way out to the school bus yesterday, Darren turned to Ty and said,

"Hey buddy, do you mind if I borrow some quarters, from your bank? I have to put some air in my car's tires?"

Tyson replied,

"Yea! Just be sure to pay me back!"

Where does he think those quarters came from in the first place. Kids... Gotta Love Them!