Monday, August 8, 2011


Please, please, please tell me I am NOT dating myself here. Please tell me you remember this FUN toy called Shrink-A-Doodles. I totally forgot about this toy until I saw it featured on the Today Show recently. The segment was about "The Hottest Toys Out on the Market!" This particular toy was a part of the "Bringing It Back from the Past" section of this segment.

I found this Shrink-A-Doodle kit at Target for $5.00. I was psyched to introduce this to Tyson. He has used this craft every single day since I gave it to him. He will NOT stop doing it.
First, you pick out the item you desire to color and you trace it.
Daddy joins in on the fun with Ty.
Then you color it in!
Then you cut it out!
This is the art work before baking! You can punch a hole in it, before baking it, so that you can turn it into a necklace or keychain.
Bake at 325 degrees.
Cook for 1-3 minutes.
Compare this after picture to the before picture. See how much it shrunk?
Ty has been making these all week. He's turned almost all of them into necklaces. The first lucky person to receive one was Jake Shaffer. He's doing one now for me as we speak. If you see me sporting some homemade necklace, you know why! LOL!
Ty's take on this art: "I like it because you to color it and watch it shrink. But most of all, I like it because you can make things out of it!"

At first I thought this craft was poorly "designed". Who would create a craft for children that involved the use of an oven. BUT... to be honest, Ty was not thrilled about going near the oven. Now that he has a pot holder, he's been turning the oven on himself and doing this craft without me present. YIKES!