Sunday, August 7, 2011


"Veggie Tales, Veggie Tales, Veggie Tales, VE-GGIE TALES!

On Saturday, Spirit FM and our local Christian Bookstore was hosting a free event to the public. We were invited to meet Larry and Bob. You know... the cucumber and the tomato from Veggie Tales? The kids were really excited. I, unintentionally (no lie), dressed the twins in green and I guess Tyson is sooooo used to me color coordinating us to each other or to events, that he said, "Mom, I want to wear red!" He thought Lilah and Jax were dressed in green for Larry the cucumber and he wanted to dress in red for Bob the tomato. Then he said, "Actually, can I dress in red and green?" I said, "No honey that doesn't match!" I was mortified to think my child was going to look like the Christmas season. He said, "Moooooom, why does everything always have to match?" I thought for a second and thought, "What the heck is it going to harm?" and replied, "You know what honey, go right ahead." I was really proud of myself and I am sure Ty
Anyway, we arrived and were the very FIRST family to snap a photo with Larry and Bob. We weren't the first family there by any stretch, but we timed it just right for photo time.

Chick-Fil-A offered free nuggets, tenders, and sandwiches. And the "pig" cow, was there too.

The kids also enjoyed spinning the wheel to receive prizes and jumping in the bounce house.

After a hot 30 minutes in the sun, we went inside Lifeway Christrian Bookstore. I picked up a few birthday gifts and allowed to the kids to each get a new movie. We only allow the kids to watch a Christian movie on Sunday mornings and their options are very limited.
On the way to meet our "friends", Larry and Bob, we prepared our minds by singing the Veggie Tales theme song. It sure did build up the excitement that much more.