Monday, August 8, 2011


I purchased this cd over the weekend, at the Christian Bookstore, for the kids. OH MY GOSH! I think I like it just as much as they do, if not more.  I find the veggie tales' voices to get quite annoying after a few minutes, but this cd is so amazing and their voices are actually insanely cute.  Ever heard a cucumber sing "Your Grace Is Enough?"  LOL!

The cd features 10 songs - many of them are my favorite worship songs!
  • Your Grace Is Enough
  • Ever Lasting God
  • Hosanna (Amy Grant actually sings it on the cd)
  • Our God
  • Just Wanna Say
  • Mighty to Save
  • Amazing Grace
  • Who Am I (Mark Hall actually sings it on the cd)
  • Perfect Love
  • Your Name   
To hear ALL of the songs off of this cd, go to this link Veggies Tales - Hosanna - CD SOUNDTRACK  I love this cd because not only do the veggie tales sing, but so do most of the original singers of the songs as well.  A little bit for mommy and a little bit for the kids.

The attached you tube video is one of the songs from the actual cd. It has such a great beat and we've been blasting it all day long today. I took the twins' crib mattresses out of their cribs and let all three kids use them as trampolines today. The kids would run from my bathroom to the twins' room and JUMP onto the crib mattresses, all to the beat of this song.