Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some Call Me Neurotic....

I call myself ORGANIZED!!!! I have literally prepared my home, my children, my vehicle, my childcare workers to the FULLEST. I have been saying out loud that I think I have literally "cleaned myself to death." Meaning.... if I die, there will be NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING for anyone to feel inconvenienced over. Every single drawer, closet, etc., you name it, is ORGANIZED to the hilt. No a sign of a dirty sock in the hamper, the refrigerator has food for 4 weeks, there are pre-made/homemade meals in the freezer to make life easier on Kaitlyn, etc. etc. etc.. I just couldn't leave my home, my kids, or my childcare workers hanging.

Here is a sneak peak into just a FEW things I did to prepare for our deprature.

"Did you forget anything?" I always do this for my guests. I supply them with a basket of toiletries they may have forgotten. This is Kaitlyn's. It includes, a tooth brush, toothpaste, shampoo/condition, a loofa sponge, deodorant, dental floss, hand sanitizer, shaving cream etc. "Mrs. Wonderful" is also included. She says "all the right things" to her hubby.

Shawn pretty much has all the same stuff just in manly scents. And of course he has "MR. WONDERFUL" He says all the perfect things you desire your husband to say to you, such as, "I'll pull in here and ask for directions." or "Honey, here, take the remote. As long as I'm with you, I don't care what we watch."
I left them one goody each! A personalized cup.
I had to prepare the Shawn and Kaitlyn for the birthday party the kids are invited to. Vivian is turning 3. I am so sad we will not be there to celebrate. We love you V!
And of course, you know it.... mommy had to leave behind a bag'o'goodies for her 3 babies. Each bag is CHUCK full with all kinds of fun stuff to keep them busy and occupied.
Kaitlyn might be a life guard, but what does she know about bringing three kids to the pool. I packed the pool bags for her in advance. She will just need to grab some towels.
Finally, Allison Ward and I ironed about 20 outfits for the kids so that coordinating them could be made simple for Kaitlyn. There's outfits for the party, outfits for church, outfits for Vacation Bible School etc.
I tied each group together and labeled them per day.
Now there is NO confusion about what to dress the kids in.

I ran out of time to capture the other things I did. Some call me neurotic. I'd like to think I am proactive and organized. Don't talk behind my back about this, after reading it. Just post your thoughts if you have some. I know who you are!