Tuesday, June 21, 2011


In Christ along, our hope and faith were placed...
AND Our flight to the Bahamas AND
Our flight home from the Bahamas were a big success. By God's grace, we were granted safety and non-hassle flights (minus a very agitated flight attendant.).
The FIRST greatest thing we experienced upon returning home was we were greeted at the airport by Tyson, Lilah, Jaxon and Shawn. It was truly the greatest greeting EVER! We arrived at the VERY LAST gate in the airport (I think we were the ONLY plane arriving into the airport, so the airport was dark and dead.) and all the way at the other end of the airport we could hear the kids screaming, squealing, and laughing uncontrollably. The kids were able to see our plane land, Darren and I walk off the plane, AND we were all even able to wave to each other as soon as we stepped off the plane (from outside), so they knew we were just about to reunite. Shawn had to have Tyson physically hold Jax back because he was trying desperately to run towards us. The greeting was PRICELESS. Better than any moment we had in the Bahamas (EVEN THOUGH THERE WERE QUITE A LOT ;) ) The SECOND greatest thing we experienced upon arriving home was when we all went to bed that night. ALL 5 of us slept together in our KING size bed. We didn't want to depart from one another.
Above, the kids were receiving their souvenirs purchased from the Bahamas Straw Market. The visit to the straw market deserves it's OWN post. QUITE a hysterical experience. I wish I had captured some shots of the greeting, but I was just tooooo excited to get hugs and kisses.
When we arrived home, we were greeted with some fresh roses and a card that read, "Someone somewhere really missed you... ME!"

Ashely thinks of EVERYTHING! Inside the note read... "Praise God for a safe return. Love, your small group!" This was the THIRD greatest thing we experienced upon arriving home.

OF COURSE, be on the look out for all the spectacular details of our trip. I also hope to post some of the details the kids have to share during our absence. Shawn and Kaitlyn kept them insanely busy. Just to name a few things they got to do... Chuck E. Cheese, Ice Cream Parlor, Putt-Putt, Vivian's 3rd Birthday Party, the Pool, A Visit inside a Ambulance and the Medi-Vac Helicopter, Vacation Bible School, and Church. When Ty woke up this morning, I think he was bummed to realize I had NO PLANS of even getting out of my pajamas. Shawn and Kaitlyn SPOILED them rotten. WE ARE SO thankful and blessed to have their help. We could have NEVER celebrated in this way without them.

I did get to capture two VERY small video clips of our priceless reunion with the kids. Unfortunately, we were both so excited and the kids were running towards us, so I couldn't focus on getting great footage. I focused on making them my priority, so the clips are insanely short and choppy. See below. If you listen closely, you can hear the kids. THE ONLY thing you hear is them.