Monday, May 23, 2011

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Mattie (the Made of Honor) and I (the Matron of Honor) created a wedding day emergency kit for Kaitlyn to use during the hours leading up to her wedding. The basket had a TON of items in it, here is a list of some of them...
Tissues (For tears)
Excedrin (For those tension headaches_
Powder (For sweat or odors in unwanted areas)
Deodorant (For sweaty armpits)
Extra Bobby Pins (Incase the hairdresser forgot to pin it properly)
Princess Chapstick (So her lips are soft for her prince)
Comb (Did you loose yours?)
Lint Roll Brush
Boo Boo Ice Pack (Incase the curling iron burns you)
Gum (Bad breath?)
M&M's (You're about to faint. You need a pick me up!)
Straws (So you don't smudge your lipstick)
A Mirror (To use when you reapply your lipstick)
A Manicure Set (Did you break a nail?)
Extra Earring Backs (After all, you can't be walking down the aisle looking silly).
Clear Nail Polish (Incase your panty hose get a run!)
Sewing Kit
Water Spray Bottle

Her wedding planner was so organized, I don't think she ever had to touch the kit :( Oh well! Our intentions were good.