Monday, May 23, 2011

Shawn & Kaitlyn's Rehearsal Etc.

The night before the BIG day, there was the traditional rehearsal at the Church, the rehearsal dinner at Coach and Four, and the groomsmen had their final dance practice. This was the FIRST time I got to see the dance in person. The rehearsal went really well. The kids even did their practice run and they seemed to feel comfortable performing their individual duties. Dinner at Coach and Four was very yummy and filling. Shawn's mom and dad did a nice job!! It was so nice to just sit and relax with some of our close friends. Kaitlyn and Shawn passed out their generous gifts to the bridemaids and groomsmen at the restaurant too. My favorite part of the night was the slide show that Shawn's mom put together for the bride and groom. It contained childhood photos and current photos.
Less than 24 hours until these 2 become 1.
Tyson practices his BIG role as the ring bearer pulling a red wagon.
Jax holds the ring bearer pillow.
The sweet lil flower girl.
"I think the ring goes here!"
"I'm just not sure if I can pull this off!"
The restaurant was located on Williamson Road. I had never heard of this restaurant, but it was really delicious.
Allison with her prime rib and baked potato. Is that thing still alive?
My lovable husband and I.
Prince William and Kate Middleton wannabes. J/K Brett and Jody!
A snap shot into the bride and groom's table!

The favor that night was personalized m&m's with the bride and groom's face on it. The m&m's also were designed in the same color scheme as the wedding. Very clever.
A portion of the group that ate at Coach & Four that night. This looks like a family reunion photo. My poor hubby is all alone since I'm the camera nerd.
"So, tomorrow's the big day, huh?" Walking back to their car. They say good-bye to single-hood.
Miss Kayla Strickland aka the dance teacher. She used to be on the dance team at JMU. And is GOOOOOOD at dancing. I could watch her ALLLLL day.
The boys get busy practicing for their "show" tomorrow.
The guys gather around to.....
Throw Shawn in the air.
They really got into character for this dance.
These boys were BRAVE. This is not a move everyone can succeed at.

After this dance was actually performed at the wedding, some of the guests came up to Darren and said, "You HAD TO HAVE BEEN in a boys band before! You cannot pull off moves like that without a life of dance practice." LOL! They wanted to know what the name of the boy band was. Darren replied, "I used to be in the band called "NShape!" LOL!!!!!!! Kayla, AWESOME job teaching these boys how to dirty pop.