Sunday, May 29, 2011


I love being an American, but I especially love being Italian. I was never taught how to act Italian or cook Italian. I think it's just in my genes. I don't purposefully try to look Italian, actually, quite often, I am MORE mistaken as Puerto Rican than anything. Anyway, I am 50% Italian and 50% German. I love that combo. When I have time, I enjoy cooking Italian for Darren. It's his all time FAVORITE. It's a good thing because at my dad's house it's all that's served :)

Thursday night, I made a homemade marinara sauce and eggplant parmesan. My kind, next door neighbor came over while we were at Ty's baseball game and put it in the oven so dinner would be piping hot for the family when we arrived home (7:50 pm). We have really had to adjust our schedule BIG TIME on game nights. Eating at 8:00 pm just doesn't feel right. At least we did come home to a nice, hot, homemade ITALIAN meal! Buon appetito in my CUCINA.