Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Photos

Last weekend was such a BUSY weekend, so we decided to refrain from taking a normally scheduled Memorial Day visit to the beach. :( We sure do miss the beach a ton. Normally by this time of year, we would have gone at least twice if not three times. Despite are cravings for the beach, one thing remains certain, we have a church body who always offers great fellowship. On Friday, we had small group. Our family always looks forward to our gatherings for so many different reasons. Saturday, Molly's baby shower. Saturday night, a bbq at my house (totally LAST MINUTE) with the Williams' family and Monday pool fun with our small group at Lisa Fernandez' parents' pool!!!! I quote Darren, "I think from this day forward, our lives will never be filled with a dull moment. We are ALWAYS on the go." And he's 100% right!
After our last minute bbq, I let the kids light off some sparklers.
Even Jax gave it a whirl!
Ansley too!
Jax used his light up sword from "KK". She blessed them with all kinds of goodies for being in the wedding.
There are no words for this face other than SCARY!
This is the BIGGEST kid you'll ever meet. Some of the adults relaxed, others "played".
At the pool, Lilah smooches on baby Caleb.
She finally let him breath after coming up for air :)
Zach and Cohen sit by the pool.
Sweet Vivian.
Julia and Lilah splash their feet in the pool!
Daniel just chills.
My over energized hubby.
Now I know where Ty gets it from.
Kate was a brave little girl in the pool.
I love this photo. Jax is peaking in at Daniel as he rests in his infant carrier. Too funny!
Monkey See, Monkey Do! They wouldn't LEAVE HIM ALONE.
Darren thinks he can do a handstand on top of the water.

Dawn and Loren enjoy the water on a hot, hot, hot day! Loren was ALLLL laughs. I loved seeing that side of her.