Saturday, April 9, 2011

I really am a mom!

As if the husband, the house, the 3 children and a minivan were not enough to convince me that I really am a mom! I needed more AND I got it. Tyson officially started t-ball last night. I haven't braved watching a practice yet because the weather has been cold and rainy; we also had small group last night. I plan to go to the next dry practice. For now, I will do what I am made to do as a mommy... wash the dirty sports uniforms.
Most of the dirt on Ty's uniform is indeed genuine from the t-ball field, but Ty's shirt is a tad exaggerated after Aaron Fernandez squeezed an egg in his hand and it exploded all over Tyson's shirt. Darren told Aaron it couldn't be done and Aaron couldn't refuse the dare.