Friday, April 8, 2011

Playdate at the Carroll's Home! Part 2

Every Thursday, our small group ladies and our children attend the praise and worship time at our Church. Afterwards, we try very hard to continue the day with each other. It's always so much fun just getting together. It is an encouragement to hear each other's struggles and praises. We also get to witness great ways each of us are disciplining our children. We each have something great to offer each other to help us grow both as mother's and as Christ followers.

This week we were invited to Julia's home, for the second time, hence the "Part 2". This time we spent the day outside. The Carroll's have a lovely backyard filled with tons of backyard toys, including a really fun and colorful swing set. Erin was so sweet to think ahead. She set out plastic eggs for the kids to have an Easter Egg Hunt and individual bubbles too.

The only two members of our small group that went missing were Dawn and Lisa. Dawn is a working mommy, but hopefully soon she'll be able to start joining us. Lisa has a sick baby, so she couldn't attend. We missed you BOTH! Oh yea, Cohen was at preschool even though Caleb and mommy were there. Lilah and Jax missed him dearly.

Thanks Erin, for another FANTASTIC and eventful playdate.
Jax started looking for eggs.
"I found one!"
Julia was so happy and excited to share her backyard with her friends.
Sweet Mason! He missed most of the playdate due to nap time.
Caleb is getting so BIG!
Lilah LOVES babies and especially Caleb. Is she cheating on Cohen?
Daniel, doing what he does so well. SLEEP! Aw the life!
I wonder what Jody was telling Erin here? She looks SURPRISED! Jody, are you pregnant?
Cool Caleb! Way to ROCK that ball cap.
Woah! You know what came after this fall? A bit of embarrassment, followed by some tears.
Bubble fun while on the seesaw! Multi-tasking kids. They learn from the best (their mommies).
Monkey bar fun!
Jax has a BLAST thinking he was blowing his own bubbles. Poor kid would dip his stick and blow as hard as he could. The amount of spit that was coming out of his mouth would force the bubbles to "pop" before they even came off the stick. It entertained him the rest of the playdate though, so that was fine by me :) You know what he'll be getting in his Easter basket this year. LOL!